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by Max Gerstenmeyer


Easily identifiable by their bold prints and bright colors, the fashion house Desigual is, by far, one of the most internationally famous brands today. Desigual came into existence in 1984 and was founded by Swiss designer Tomas Meyer on the island of Ibiza. The company has grown at an exponential pace ever since and has stores across the globe in over a hundred countries today. Where are Desigual clothes made?Headquartered in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, the brand continues to live up to its motto ‘La Vida es Chula’ or Life is beautiful with its constant innovation in the world of fashion.

From its characteristic patchwork to graffiti art, Desigual has never held back when it comes to experimenting with the new. If you wonder who is the Desigual designer, the artists behind the exuberant clothing - well, Desigual likes to keep it fresh and push the boundaries. In 2011, Desigual collaborated with Cirque du Soleil to create the ‘Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil.’ It was new, exciting, and perfectly fit into the eye-catching, burst of color aesthetic that Desigual is known for. The brand has had a long-standing collaboration with Parisian designer Christian Lacroix and together have created some of the most iconic pieces for the brand.

The brand’s loud, out-there style may leave you thinking who wears Desigual? You must need a lot of confidence to pull off a look so ostentatious and energetic. The truth, however, is that Desigual is for everyone. When Meyer established this company in his twenties, he dreamed of a future where people could be themselves in a fun, inspiring, and affordable way. From the very first upcycled denim jacket, the brand has dedicated itself to designing for the fierce and the free-spirited. (source)

So what does Desigual mean? Quite literally, Desigual in Spanish means ‘unequal’ or ‘different’ and the brand has done all that it can transcend this meaning into its products. In 2005, the brand launched the campaign ‘Walk in naked, walk out dressed’ with the promise of offering a free clothing article to anyone who dared to walk in in just their underwear. Old and daring, the campaign was an unprecedented success and even today, the brand continues to challenge the norm with their ‘Forward is Boring’ campaign (source).

Simply put, Desigual is for anybody who likes to stand out. When you wear Desigual like brands, there is no color too bright or pattern too bold. Desigual is for the people who love to experiment with their style and enjoy the spotlight, who shout out to the world that they aren’t afraid to be exactly who they are. Try as you like you cannot ignore a Desigual print when you see one. It was made to turn heads.

With their zany designs and eccentric style, Desigual dares to be different. They will do whatever it takes to keep pushing the boundaries because when it comes to Desigual, the limit does not exist.

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