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Volcom has grown as a lifestyle brand from it's incorporation in 1991. It was formed to deliver on snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing products. It's stone logo and it's slogan make it stand out as a company on it's own.

When Volcom flashes in anyone's mind one is tempted to ask: Is Volcom still cool, what does Volcom clothing stand for or even Is Volcom still popular or not. When it comes to surfing and skiing, the question Is Volcom a skiing brand and Is Volcom a surf brand are being asked.

Is Volcom still cool?

Volcom remains one of the best. It understands style and emphasizes function over everything else. They make meaningful products that are beyond their customers expectations. They always look at where tech has either failed or forgotten. When tech has it's eyes on boots, binding and snowboards, Volcom specializes on clothing. In 2017 ranked Volcom as one of the best providers of outwear in the world.

What does Volcom clothing stand for?

Volcom lives by it's Slogan "True to this". Volcom is always true to what they produce. Since their inception they have lived through liberation, innovation and experimentation. It has remained dedicated to fashion, art and skating. In the clothes industry Volcom uses the best materials and also designs it´s products fashionably. This provides the best functionality and comfort all in one pack and makes the brand independent of season.

Volcom also expanded it´s production to cover almost all clothing options from branded jeans and shirts, board shorts, snowboard jackets, dresses, hats, beanies and accessories. To go an extra mile Volcom even launched rash guard undershirts which help prevent rashes and chafing while participating in your favorite activities.

Is Volcom popular?

Everyone wants to be connected to a popular product. When one thinks of Volcom products one tends to ask, "Is Volcom popular? Popularity can be gauged in two dimensions. geographic spread and social spread. Geographic spread is the number of countries where Volcom products can be found. The company´s products can be traced in more than 60 countries worldwide with it's headquarter in California, United States. It also owns almost 100 retail stores globally.

Besides the above spread, Volcom also commands over four million Facebook followers and more than 250,000 Twitter followers. These numbers show the global fame of the brand.

The other question that one can ask is on skiing and surfing sports. Is Volcom a surf brand and is Volcom a ski brand. Let's answer these questions:

Is Volcom a surf brand?

Since it's foundation, surf products have always been at the core of Volcom. It always ensures that its products are suited for professional surfers. It has a great list of surfing products. These products include shirts, shorts, hoodies, wet suits, pants just to mention a few. Volcom surf products are of high quality made from durable materials and always comfortable when worn. If you need surfwear then Volcom products proves to be a must have.

Is Volcom a ski-brand?

When in winter the snow takes over and you want to go skiing again you might ask yourself where to get stylish and good quality skiing clothes. Is Volcom a ski-brand? Will Volcom offer any solution? Volcom products are made by experts to provide you with top performance gear for all those cold slopes. They are made to keep insulation, waterproof and breathability at their best levels. Volcom offers mens snowboarding jackets and snow pants. These two are connectable using Zip Tech jacket to pant interface.

For added warmth Volcom provides you with flannels, fleeces or even hoodies to wear beneath your jacket. Volcom´s winter wear puts the brand ahead of their competition. It makes it clear that during winter activities, during the skiing adventure you need Volcom products by your side.

A cool alternative to Volcom is Maxmellow-apparel, an alternative german skate- and surfwear brand.

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