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The European skate and surf scene has been a booming one for those who know where to look for it. Across Europe, tens of thousands of skate and surf lifestyle enthusiasts gather at events, concerts, festivals, and competitions to enjoy that ‘California’ vibe in their European settings; and just like in the Streets of Venice Beach, or Anaheim, California, there is a certain ‘vibe’ that comes along with it.

Mäxmellow Apparel is a fresh and vibrant up and coming clothing line that was founded in Germany in the year 2017. The founder, Mäx, has a reputation for appearing in his fresh west coast clothing style across festivals all over Europe. After a while of making himself seen, it didn’t take long for other skate apparel lovers to begin asking where they could get their own hands on these fresh and sunny looks.

Mäxmellow Apparel harkens back to the early days of the skate scene in California, and gives off a similar vibe to other brands such as Vans. In fact, in many ways, Mäxmellow Apparel bursts onto the scene in a similar way to how Vans became popular. With exotic and colorful designs, the lineup of Mäxmellow Apparel is both eye catching, and shockingly new in the best way possible. Without going too ‘over the top’, these off the wall patterns and sleek fitting cuts are perfect for encapsulating everything that skate wear represents in the modern era.

Mäx has created a wide range of clothing options that are sure to fit any body type, style, and preference within the skate apparel market. With a lineup ranging from hoodies and windbreakers, all the way to tanks and tees, Mäxmellow Apparel has your entire wardrobe covered. The designs featured on these pieces are both artistic, and ‘popping’ in a way that reminds you of California street art. It’s one of a kind, and comes with a certain character that is instantly recognizable yet truly unique.

Mäx is passionate about creating designs that stand out of the crowd, and bring the fun and carefree attitude of the west coast to wherever you are in the world. Through ethically sourced materials, and genuine passion for the scene, Mäx has crafted a brand that pairs well with the likes of iconic brands like Vans. In fact, Mäxmellow Apparel is the perfect pairing for those who love and collect Vans shoes. You can even check out some of the write ups about the topic, such as Which Vans Should I Get? And Were Vans Made For Skateboarding?

Mäx understands the skate and surf apparel scene; and Mäxmellow Apparel is a true testament to why skate apparel is better than any other fresh and new look this year. Just like the reason why Vans are better than converse, Mäxmellow Apparel is better than anyone else out there when it comes to independent, fresh, and new apparel in the skate and surf clothing scene. 

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