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The skating culture of California first exploded onto the scene in the early 1970’s. It was icons of the scene like Tony Alza, Stacy Peralta, and Vans like brands that drove the sport and the look forward.

Today, the cool ‘California’ vibe can be found in fashion across the globe. In fact, the skating boom in California was a direct driving force for how vans became popular. To understand how the signature style of Vans came to be, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions: ‘Is Vans a skate brand?’ and ‘were Vans shoes popular in the 90’s?’

This helps you to understand the overall aesthetic of what the warm, sunny, vibrant skating scene fashion is, and how it was shaped. That 1990’s look that evolved from the 70’s skate scene aesthetic links to why Vans are better than Converse in the eyes of many.

So, if you’re looking for brands that have a similar feel and aesthetic, you want something that is inspired by the same vibe. You want brands that have the same ‘California cool’ sunny and off the wall design. Here are a few that do just that.

- Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is another iconic brand in skateboarding, and skate apparel. Today, their instantly recognizable logo and branding can be seen on clothing all over the United States and Europe. With over 40 years in the game, Santa Cruz is a fashion brand that many in the skate world view as not only iconic, but traditional.

- Thrasher.

Thrasher began as a skateboarding magazine in the 1980’s. It was the leading authority on all things skating, from fashion to gear and the life of the pros. Today, the unique Thrasher logo can be seen on t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and more. Many consider Thrasher to be one of the leading voices in skateboarding, and their branding on clothing is ubiquitous around the skate world.

- Obey.

Obey is a streetwear inspired clothing line that has taken the skate community by storm. Ever since their founding in 2001, they have instantly resonated with the skate community and lovers of other Vans like brands. While they don’t officially have a connection to skateboarding, they have been adopted by the skate community for nearly two decades.

- Mäxmellow Apparel.

Mäxmellow Apparel is an up-and-coming German clothing brand that has been popping up across skate festivals and concerts around Europe. Founded in 2017, Mäxmellow Apparel has quickly found its own little niche within the skate wear scene, and has made an impact on those who look for other Vans like brands. It has that cool, bright, and off-centre look that many in the skate scene look for in their clothing.

- Other Vans Like Brands.

These are just a few of the brands floating around that have taken direct inspiration from the Vans look and style. Other brands within the space include Spitfire, Odd Future, Dickies, RipNDip, etc,.

So the next time you’re searching things like: ‘Which Vans are best for skating?’ or ‘What are some Vans like brands’? Keep in mind that the world of skate clothing is vast, and Vans is only one choice in a sea of amazing design options.

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