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What does Volcom Clothing Stand For?

by Max Gerstenmeyer

Volcom, a hugely popular sports brand, took the world by storm as the first brand to bring together surfing, skating and snowboarding under one banner. Its roots in the surf and ski cultures of the 60s set the stage for the brand’s ‘Youth Against establishment’ motto, which remained its philosophy for several years. Volcom is also a good ski brand, which, like surfing and skiing, bring to mind an image of boundless freedom.

Over time the brand has evolved, and people often wonder, ‘Is Volcom a popular brand?And how did it stay popular after so many years?’ Well, simply put, the brand not only accepted change but dived into it headfirst. And as the decades shifted, Volcom shed it’s older anti-establishment image to embrace the new ‘True To This’ era. Though the focus shifted from breaking the rules to being oneself, the underlying pulse of freedom has remained strong as ever. (source)

From their logo, the “Stone,” to the very name, which means ‘Value of Life Committee,’ in its essence, the brand has always represented the youth culture. An idea of rebellion against the set ways of life, of pushing the limits and breaking the boundaries - between sports and people alike. And this idea of always being authentic, of challenging norms through self-expression has transcended through the brand, more visibly, in Volcom’s style. (source)

What does Volcom clothing stand for? Well, right from the Volcom beanie with brim that sits atop your head to the stylish flip-flops that take you places, Volcom clothing is a blend of liberation, innovation, and experimentation. Very much like the brand itself, their products exude a sort of live-in-the-moment youthfulness, and as Volcom spokesperson, Ryan Immegart put it, ‘ a momentary, idyllic state of pure presence and clarity and spiritual intoxication.’

The clothing aims at convenience as well as style. So, whether you are shredding at the park or just need a cool new look, Volcom has got your back. The style is dynamic, fresh all while retaining that charming spirit that the brand embodies. It spans a pretty vast range in terms of variety. From beach parties to a more semi-formal look with a classic button-up, there are a lot of choices. Not to mention the rather extensive collection of accessories from the iconic Volcom beanie with visorto a range of beach bags and backpacks.

Volcom lives and breathes the spirit of the youth. A sense of identity in flux, the freedom to explore, and constant change. The world is a big and beautiful place with waters to be navigated and mountains to be conquered, and you are only confined by the limits of your imagination.

Through their clothing and their style, Volcom keeps moving forward while staying authentic. As the brand evolves, Volcom’s true spirit remains grounded in the idea that you are completely and utterly free - free to express, free to live, love, and free to be. And that is what Volcom stands for.

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