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                                   Why Vans are better than Converse

by Max Gerstenmeyer

Vans or Converse? A question that has divided the masses for ages and started one too many heated debates in the course of my life. To start the comparison, we could go right back to how vans shoes are made in their factory, by the vulcanized shoemaking process, which both vans and Converse have in common. Vans, however, was originally designed for skateboarding, which means that the Vans waffle sole outshines the soles of the All-Star by lasting longer and having a much better grip.

A pair of Vans are pretty great for most outdoor activities from a short walk to the grocery stores to the occasional early morning hike. They're super comfy and though some might wonder why Vans shoes are expensive?, well, the quality speaks for itself. A good pair of Vans can last you ages. So if you're anything like me, a college kid in need of a decent pair of shoes, Vans can be the answer to your prayers.

Though the brand has evolved, Vans has remained authentic to its roots. A huge part of the reason why Vans stands out to me, over a pair of Chucks, is that it has kept its retro look, sort of like a homage to how Vans became popular in the first place. After riding the skate culture wave of their early years, Vans has definitely retained its iconic skater boy/gal look, which I personally love.

Style-wise, the shoes are chic, comfy, and though some might call them basic, they can actually add a lot to any outfit. Their style is really versatile, and pretty much anyone can rock a pair of Vans.

From your everyday outfits to maybe a dressier date-night look, based on how you style them, the same pair of Vans have the power to either blend into the outfit or really stand out.

Vans also have a lot of variety to choose from, meaning there's a pair out there for everybody - from the play-it-safe, neutrals to someone like me, with an affinity for the bright neons and the wacky prints. You can vary the style to spice things up or get your favorite pair in a bunch of different colors. The wide range in terms of variety and color could leave anybody, even the most decisive of us all, wondering, ‘which Vans should I get?’ and wanting more. But whether you have just the one pair or an entire closet full, you can wear them over and over again without ever really getting tired of them.

There are multiple reasons why Vans are better than Converse, but the bottom line remains that it really is more a question of preference, style, and lifestyles. Vans works perfectly for me in terms of comfort, whether I’m running errands or lugging around a heavy bag from one end of campus to another. My Old Skools go with absolutely everything making it just a little bit easier to get dressed and run on days when I’ve snoozed my alarm one too many times. The durability is undeniable as my oldest pair has lasted 2 years and is still going strong. And besides, it’s always good fun to chuck your Vans in the air and see if they land face-up.

A third super laidback clothing brand that I want to mention at this point is Mäxmellow Apparel, an alternative german Surfwear and Skatewear brand.

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